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Fourth Quarter 2007
MGM Celebrates 40 Years of
Window Manufacturing
Brace for Impact!
4710 Series

Zeke Gaskins braces himself as a water balloon zeros in on his head during the 40th Anniversary Celebration.

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Abe's Turn!
4710 Series
Brother Joe has a good laugh as Abe get's his turn as the target in the water ballon throw.

Celebration Time!

      On September 27th , a bright and sunny Friday afternoon,  you may have noticed that no one was answering the phones at MGM Industries.  A huge party was in full swing for employees and their families as they celebrated 40 years of window manufacturing with music, food, games and prizes at their plant in Hendersonville, Tenn.
Marshall Blvd.
Marshall blvd 

Abe, Zeke and Joe honored their father during the celebration by marking the plant entrance as Marshall Blvd.   Marshall Gaskins officially retired in 2002, handing the reins of operation over to his sons who continue to value his opinion and seek his advice.

Thanks to Our Employees
Marshall speaks2

During the celebration, the Gaskins expressed their appreciation and gratitude to their more than 200  employees for their hard work and dedication which has helped them grow from a 30,000 square foot building in 1967 to over 400,000 square feet today.