WindStrong Windows & Doors

MGM Industries' design pressure rated vinyl windows prove you don't have to sacrifice beauty and efficiency for safety and security. Our three lines of impact rated vinyl windows bring the best of both worlds to the coastal communities.

The Series 8065, Series 5665, and the Series 6060 each went through rigorous impact testing at our in-house testing facility and was then verified by an independent laboratory source, providing us with a detailed evaluation that is available for review by our customers.

Looks Like Wood
Wide meeting rails, a narrow stile, and a recessed finger pull are key design elements that give a vinyl window a wood look to even the most discerning eye.

Integral "J" Channel
For homes with vinyl siding, our windows come with the "J" channel designed into the window, rather than as a seperate unit, making installation much easier and providing a smooth, finished look.

Aluminum Nail Fin
Our unique aluminum nail fin is attached to the sill to withstand the rigors of shipping and installation.

Continuous Head & Sill
A continuous head and sill not only enhances the appearance of custom multiple windows, but it also prevents leaks, is easier to install and provides added strength and durability.

Integral 1/4" Shims
Our integral shims place our windows above the wood cripple, sparring both homeowners and builders the problems of bowed windows due to a bowed cripple.
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